Benefits of Being a Member of the S.F.S.A.


Membership of the Governing Body That:


1. Represents and protects the interests of the recreational sea angler in meetings with the Scottish Government and other bodies on  

    matters pertaining to recreational sea angling as in, The National Marine Plan, Marine Protected Areas and the future development  

    of marine renewable energy including offshore wind farms, wave and tidal renewables.


2. Organise matches at local, national and international level to cater for the needs of sea anglers at all levels.


3. Delivers a structured coaching and development programme for the benefit of members and clubs.


4. Offers support and guidance to clubs on governance issues including anti-doping, equality and child protection.


5. Is actively promoting the sport in educational establishments, Community Sports Hubs and through "taster" sessions to increase    

    participation which in turn increases club membership.


Clubs can affiliate to an S.F.S.A. region and participate in regional events including both shore and boat inter-club matches and national finals (5 man teams).


Clubs have the right to representation at Federation Annual General Meetings.


Representation on the Federation Executive Committee through nominated regional representatives.


Clubs have restricted insurance cover for matches organised by the club and sanctioned by the Federation.


Individual members of the Federation have Public Liability Insurance cover in the event of causing injury, damage etc. 



Annual Membership To The S.F.S.A.


Individual membership is open to anybody and comes in three categories, senior, junior and family. Juniors must be under 16 on the 1st January and a family membership consists of one adult and up to two children.


Senior Membership: £20.00


Junior Membership: £2.00


Family Membership: £23.00



For details contact the S.F.S.A. Secretary, Ian Napier, 22, Pitreavie Place, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY2 6JX