From the Chairman's Office


As Chairman I would like to welcome you to the website of the Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers, the Governing Body for the sport of

Sea Angling in Scotland.


The SFSA is committed to: Safeguarding the future of Sea Angling in Scotland,  Providing equal opportunities for all to get involved in this great sport., Protecting the rights of access to fishing, Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults within the sport and Providing coaches and pathways to ensure that anglers can develop and achieve their personal goals.


Mike Horn 






The Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers (S.F.S.A.) is the governing body for the sport of sea angling in Scotland. It's role, as defined by Sportscotland, is to creat a vision and deliver a strategic plan for the development and delivery of their sport, which determines how it will be implemented locally, regionally and nationally.


The Federation is a member-based organisation comprising individual members, club members and supplier members. Administration of the S.F.S.A. is vested in a voluntary Executive Committee comprised of elected officials (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Coaching Co-ordinator etc.) and two nominees from each region. 


What Does the Federation Do?


The Principal Objectives of the S.F.S.A. Are:


1. To manage the rules and regulations of the sport and maintain appropriate policies governing the sport in areas like anti-doping,

    equality, child protection etc.

2. To increase participation in the sport.

3. To protect the interests of the recreational sea angler in Scotland.

4. To organise events and matches at local, regional and national level.

5. To select teams to compete at national and international level.

6. To deliver a structured coaching and development programme for the benefit of members and clubs.

7. To maintain links with Scottish Government, Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network and other bodies in the areas of marine

     conservation, planning and legislation.

8. To offer support and guidance to clubs in such areas as formation, development and compliance.

9. To maintain Scottish boat and shore marine fish records.

10. To maintain links with the Scottish Federation of Coarse Anglers and the Scottish Angling National Association through the Angling

       Development Board of Scotland to develop and promote the sport of angling in general.

11. To communicate effectively with it's members, stakeholders and the wider community through the use of newsletters, e-mail, press

       releases, web site and social networking.



Equality Statement


The S.F.S.A. is strongly committed to equal opportunities for all sectors of the community. It is the policy of the S.F.S.A. to ensure that all participants, volunteers, coaches or parents receive equal treatment regardless of age, gender, marital status, employment status, social class, colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religious belief or disability. In recognition of this commitment, the Federation were awarded the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard for Sport in March 2012.


Equal Opportunities Policy

The Equity Statement is incorporated into an Equal Opportunities Policy that identifies the following aims:

*Eliminating any barriers or percieved barriers to participation within the club.

*Ensuring that all members are aware of, understand and follow the club's equity statement.

*Increasing awareness within the club of the needs of those who face discrimination.

*Ensuring that the club considers equal opportunities in all it's activities.

*Ensuring that the club premises are accessible to all, including those with physical disabilities.

*Ensuring that the rules of the club state that discriminatory language or behaviour is not acceptable.

*Ensuring that the implementation of the policy is reviewed regularly and monitored for effectiveness.