S.F.S.A. Coaching


2017 looks to be another busy year for the Federation coaches. The success of the pilot National Progress Award Level 3 has seen a number of new schools signing up to have the qualification delivered to them. The coaches will also be looking to continue the work with the ladies, youth and junior squads in preparation for the Home Nations in Ireland.


The Federation is always looking to recruit new coaches. A review of the way these courses were delivered has resulted in a decision to offer the course at set times in the year. It is envisaged that two UKCC level 1 courses will run at the start of the year, whilst a level 2 will be sometime in the Autumn. Coach CPD events will take place around Feb/March. It is hoped that this will allow anyone interested in becoming a coach to plan for it.


With these changes the majority of active coaches in the Federation will either be renewing the licence or become licenced during April. This is essential to offer confidence to schools, groups and individuals that our coaches are safe and are supported by the Angling Development Board of Scotland. For those wanting to obtain more information on coaching, then drop a message to S.F.S.A. Coching Co-ordinator Dave McKervail on the Federation's Facebook page or via the website or S.F.S.A. Secretary, your details will be passed on.


Current UKCC Qualified S.F.S.A. Coaching Staff


Billy Buckley     Iain Graham     Mark Griffin     Mike Horn     Chris Horn


Andrew Keltie     Les McCarthy     Dave McKervail     Jim Wallace     Lindsay Wilson  

Peter Foster