Structure & Funding

The Federation is a member-based organisation comprising individual and club members.

Administration of the S.F.S.A. is vested in a voluntary Executive Committee comprised of elected officials (President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Coaching Co-ordinator etc.) and two nominees from each region of the country.

The Federation (or any other angling federation in Scotland) no longer receives any funding from SportsScotland and has no paid or subsidised employees or resources. Therefore all work is now carried out on a voluntary basis by the Executive team and the wider membership.



                                    Individual / Club Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Ensure your voice is heard.

  • Support our work to promote, grow and protect the sport of Sea angling in Scotland.

  • Individual Members enjoy PI insurance cover in case an accident happens.

  • Opportunity to be involved in a pathway to international selection - juniors, youths, ladies or seniors.

  • Access to sea angling coaches and potential for further education via UKCC qualifications giving opportunities to coach.

  • Individuals members leagues and ability to qualify for Scottish teams.

  • CLUB s who have a Club Membership are also covered by our Insurance policy.


Details of the SFSA Insurance Policy can be found here.

You can find details of how to renew or apply in the forms at the right of the page,


The annual subscription remains at £20 for senior members, £22 for families and £2 for juniors. There are different ways in which you can pay your subscription. 


In 2020 we are looking at migrating to an online membership platform which is also being used by the SFCA and SANA. This would allow easier management of your membership with less man handling for both the exec and members. You can view this platform at .2 members of the Exec have recently being trained in the use of the site and will be evaluating its potential for the Federation,